Period Pants

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A fairly new player to the menstrual product team is period pants. While they haven’t been around for that long, they are quickly becoming the product of choice for women, girls and people who have periods of all ages. Period pants look like any other pair of pants you might own, but they have built-in layers of special material that absorb your flow and stop leaks. You wear them just like your regular undies on your period. Simply change into a fresh pair before bed, wash them out and use them again.

As with most period products, and regular pants, they come in lots of different shapes, sizes, styles, colours and absorbencies - from light to heavy! So, it’s worth getting to know your flow to make sure you buy the right pairs for you. Just like normal pants, they also come in lots of different styles, from shorts to thongs, so there’s something to suit every outfit and body.

A pair of black period underwear with a red lining on the inside.

What’s good about them?

A big benefit of period pants, much like the reusable pads and menstrual cups (click to find out more about them), is that they’re eco-friendly. They might seem a little pricey to begin with, but they will last you a long time if you look after them, saving you money in the long run. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about leaks. Providing you buy the right absorbency for your flow, you’ll find these period pals pretty leak proof.

Many women, girls and people who have periods prefer period pants to pads and liners because there’s nothing to come unstuck or move around, so there are no unwanted wedgies, and you’ll find them easier to move around in. This freedom makes them a good choice if you’re an active person, especially if you aren’t a fan of using internal products (like tampons or cups). Some brands make period-proof swimwear too! With these powerful pants looking after you, you really can do whatever you want while on your period.

Another way you might choose to use period pants is to team them up with another product. So if you prefer to use internal products like tampons, but you have a really heavy flow, you could wear these instead of wearing a liner to protect from leaks. Or team them with a cup for the ultimate eco combo.

How long can I wear them for?

Smart technology and materials are used to create these pants so you can go a whole day without changing them. They are designed to soak up your flow and lock it away to keep you feeling dry and fresh. But it’s important that you buy the right absorbency for your flow, so they don’t fill up too quickly. When you come to change your pants for a fresh pair at night, you simply rinse out your used pair with cold water until it runs clear, then pop them in the washing machine with your other washing. Simple!

Most brands will recommend you don’t use fabric softener, stain removers or any chemicals to clean your pants as this can damage the special materials. You should also try to air dry and not tumble dry them, as this can be damaging too! So make sure whoever is doing the laundry knows to look after them!

Where can I get them from?

Because period pants are fairly new inventions, not everywhere sell them yet, however, as they’re becoming more popular some high street shops and supermarkets do sell them. If you think period pants would be a good fit for you and your period, but you can’t find them in the shops, have a chat with a parent or carer who will be able to help you look online. There are lots of different makes and brands out there, so we recommend spending some time researching all the different types available. This way, you can choose a selection of pants to suit your period.

Whichever pants you buy be sure to pay special attention to the care instructions (and get whoever does the washing to read them too!) so they last as long as possible and work in the way they should.

Period pants are just one type of period product you can buy. We have mentioned a few others in this blog, so be sure to head over and read up on those too so you can make a choice on what’s going to work best for you. Remember, we’re all different, but half the world is made up of women, girls and people who have periods, so you aren’t alone. Be sure to have a look around at our other blogs to find out more about your Bloody Brilliant period!