A Guide to Period Packs

Approved by our medical experts

A Bloody Brilliant must-have for your bag! When you’re on your period, it’s comforting to know you have everything with you that you might need in case of cramps, leaks or a heavy flow day!

We’ve put together a handy guide on some options you might like to include in your pack, but remember the fun part is making yours unique to you, with all your favourite products and period essentials.

We like to make ours up and keep them in our bags all the time, this way, if your periods are a bit irregular you know you’re covered. Just don’t forget to top your pack up as you use bits out of it!

We believe in showing pride in your period, not hiding it! So why not pick a colourful, patterned pack to keep all your essentials in!

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Try adding these to your period pack!

A visual of a pair of underwear.

1. Back up pants!

A graphic of a tampon with a love heart on the tip

2. The trusty tampon

A graphic of a pack of pain killers

3. Pain killers (ask an adult for advice first)

A graphic of a bottle of hand sanitiser

4. Emergency hand sanitiser (only for your hands)

5. Liners for those cheeky leaks

6. Spare menstrual cup and bag

7. Wet wipes for leaks